Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another tip/guide!

Tip for any class: DO YOU hate those commando's? Well here is a tip: If you have your sound on then you can here them coming when you here a sound that sounds like a commando turning invisible. (Poof sound)

Tip for soldier: I recommend have a M16 and a M16 Battle rifle. (The one with the grenade launcher)

Tip for commando: I recommend buying the M95 it is a really good sniper but always have a back up incase you miss because it only has 7 bullets.

Tip for gunner:  I recommend having the super cheeser and the steiners shotgun those are a good combo for short range. (Stay tuned for any other tips for gunner.)


Friday, June 8, 2012

Have you seen me?

Hey soldiers! Ever wondered what I looked like? Well this is charlesthe3rd my level 18 soldier (He is my main Soldier.)

Tip/Guide for success.

Tip/guide for success:
Scan the floor for enemy trooptraps because they can cause poison and cause damage overtime and makes a pretty big explosion so if you want to win, don't run into those.

Don't under-estimate people! They might have less health than you but they can always use tonics or bandages.
So always have a partner.

I recommend being with other soldiers or gunners commandos are harder to trust on being a good partner because they have less help and they usually don't stick close because they don't want to be in the firing range!

If you are a soldier and your just starting out, and you have 5 points and you don't know what to use them for?
Always give your first five points to Combat Medicine!


Hi I am Charlesthe3rd some of you might remember me from BattlefieldHeroes I have over one thousand friends on BattlefieldHeroes So many of you might know me, or have seen me.
I am not a really good BattlefieldHeroes player but I sure kick butt some times, and so can you. Here you can get the latest new and any BattlefieldHeroes videos, tips and guides. And I can post any old or new video/tip or guide that you missed or want to see again right here @: thebfhblog